Q & A

Question:  I am new to yoga. Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?

Answer:    Yoga is not about being ridiculously flexible.  Yoga is a practice for tapping into your mind and poses are one way of doing that.  

Question: What are the benefits of doing yoga?

Answer:   Yoga has its physical benefits, improved strength and balance, as well as greater flexibility which makes everyday activities

                 easier.  Yoga also helps to relieve stress and increase mindfulness. 


Question: I have tight hamstrings and muscles.  Can I still do yoga?

Answer:  There are many different levels of asana (poses) and most of them don't involve contorting your body into gnarly shapes.  Yoga 

                gives you options to choose your pose (to go deeper or to ease off).  There are always modifications to certain poses. 

Question: Is there any age limit for yoga?

Answer: There is no particular age to start with yoga.  You can start doing yoga at any age.  There are many benefits of doing yoga at different ages.  Our practice may need to change and evolve with our body’s needs.  In our 20s, we were probably drawn to faster-paced flow-style yoga.  As we moved into 30s, we were probably keen to build strength in the glutes and core.  In our 40s, we may focus on relaxation during stressful lifestyle when balancing families and work.  In 50s and 60s, a focus on balance poses is especially helpful. 

"Yoga will meet you exactly where you are".